Workplace Food Connections


More than ever before, sustainability and ‘walking-the-talk’ of transparent environmental practices are key strategies needing to be met by businesses and organizations.  Business culture is shifting.  There’s a need to move forward to one that values it’s surrounding community and environment, hand-in-hand for better sustainable business practices.

One way to walk-the-talk is to engage your employees in sustainable activities.  When you partner with us, we embed our marketplace into your workplace so your employees can connect and share what they have spare in their kitchens and homes with their colleagues.  We help you harness the power of the sharing and circular economies to ensure unwanted food and garden resources in your employee’s homes are used and not wasted.  It’s time those idle, unwanted and spare resources are more efficiently distributed so we can reduce the consumption of new resources and more use what already exists for longer.  Win/Win.

When you partner with Spare Harvest, you’re using the power of your community to make positive ongoing social and environmental change that becomes part of your organization’s DNA.

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