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Please share your resources to help others learn from your own work—both successes and challenges—in addressing food loss and waste. Connect with others to share your feedback or offer your assistance.  By learning from one another, we can improve the effectiveness of our efforts and strengthen the movement to reduce food loss and waste across the United States.

Understand the Issue

Food loss and waste refers to food that is not eaten by people, for whatever reason.

Reducing food loss and waste advances a number of global objectives.

There are millions of tons of food loss and waste in the United States.

Prevention is the first step in reaching our national goal to cut food loss and waste in half.

About this Site

Further With Food is the website to find and share information and tools dedicated to reducing food loss and waste in the United States. This site provides a broad spectrum of users – from experts to novices – with high-quality information and proven solutions to reduce food loss and waste as well as a platform to share research, experiences, innovative approaches, and tools.

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