Spare Harvest


Spare Harvest is an online community that is connecting and sharing what they have spare in their kitchens, gardens and farms.  Its works on the premise that your trash is someone else’s treasure.  Our mission is to waste less and share more.

Members are sharing excess produce, tools, kitchen scraps, plants, pots, seeds, glass jars and any various garden materials.  If you have something to spare, simply create a listing or search listings to see what other members have.   If you are looking for something try and source it from your community by creating a ‘wanted’ listing.

Our goal is to keep valuable food and garden resources circulating in our local communities for as long as possible.  Every resource we divert away from landfill, contributes to a better planet.

Share it, swap it or sell it, the choice is yours.  A great way to meet new people, keep valuable resources out of landfill and share tips and knowledge.  Why not start a Spare Harvest hub in your community today.