Resources (not “Ample Harvest”) is a nationwide disruptive non-profit educating and enabling millions of America’s home and community gardeners to donate their excess garden produce to nearly 8,000 food pantries. is the answer to the classic ‘excess supply not reaching the demand’ dilemma that has up to now resulted in vast amounts of food wasted in millions of gardens across America while the needy in the community remained malnourished and hungry.

Backed and supported by the USDA and White House, Master Gardeners nationwide, the Feeding America food bank network, the National Gardening Association, Google and foodies across America, is enabling gardener who have harvested too much food to be able to “connect” on a sustainable and permanent basis with a nearby food pantry or similar food program that is desperate for the food.

Critically importantly, the model eliminates the need for additional refrigeration and storage at the food pantries while helping millions to get freshly harvested and locally grown food that would have gone to waste.