The Amazing Garbologist Adenture Journal: Stop Food Waste Edition – How to go from Scientist to Food Rescue Action Hero!


This is a 20-page activity journal appropriate for 3rd-8th graders which introduces children to the 4Rs and the importance of preventing and reducing wasted food, while providing actionable solutions to take action at school, at home and in their communities.

Activities in the booklet cover topics such as:

  • The 4Rs & The 4Rs League of Super Action Heroes
  • The problem of wasted  food in the U.S.
  • When we waste food, we also waste: money, water, energy
  • How taking action to stop food waste helps to reduce climate change
  • Taking action at school to rescue food with food share tables
  • Taking action at home by conducting a fridge food audit
  • Food waste prevention strategies like using a shopping list, food storage, making an eat this first sign, getting creative with leftovers
  • Encouraging communication between children and parents about what foods children like to eat to prevent food waste

“How to Go from Scientist to Food Rescue Action Hero!

In this journal you will join four garbologists who ask questions about how garbage affects people living in Alameda County and around the world.    What in the world is a garbologist? A garbologist is a scientist who studies garbage. Why study garbage? Because there is a LOT of it. And more is created every day!”

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