A Call to Action by Stakeholders: United States Food Loss & Waste 2030 Reduction Goal


The purposes of this Call to Action are to:

  1. collect and synthesis key opportunities and issues identified at the 2015 Food Recovery Summit and subsequent meetings,
  2. establish a cohesive list of actions available to businesses, organizations, governments, and general public to reduce food loss and waste, and
  3. inspire new innovations and actions from the stakeholder community to further progress towards the 2030 food loss and waste reduction goal.

EPA and USDA offer the Call to Action in order to highlight and share the assessments of outside experts and representatives of the food system about current opportunities and challenges. As stakeholders across the food supply chain voluntarily initiate actions to reduce food loss and waste, this Call to Action can help them identify opportunities and gaps. EPA and USDA are very interested in learning more about new actions and accomplishments that reflect the nation’s achievements, opportunities and ongoing challenges to reduce food loss and waste.

Stakeholders will determine their own actions or any other input and will not be limited by the content of this Call to Action. EPA’s and USDA’s role is to act as a convener, help facilitate discussion, provide leadership, and compile actions and conversations of individual companies, organizations and stakeholders. The federal government is not seeking consensus advice or recommendations from stakeholders through this Call to Action.