Potluck Food Rescue – Central Arkansas – Little Rock Metropolitain area


Potluck is food rescue for Arkansas.
Save good food from being wasted and use it to feed hungry people.

Every year, Potluck rescues millions of pounds of a wide variety of healthy food that would otherwise be thrown away, saving it for those who need it the most.

Rescued food is distributed free of charge to a large and growing network of nonprofit community food programs.

Potluck is proof that the smart idea of food rescue can be transformed into a fully-functioning and efficient operation that helps feed Arkansans in need.

We have been operating in Central Arkansas since 1989.

Potluck serves community food programs throughout central Arkansas and the state, including:

• Food pantries
• Soup kitchens
• Homeless shelters
• Women’s emergency shelters
• Senior day centers
• Veterans’ centers
• Child care centers
• Potluck’s own KIDS’ PANTRY sites

Food is rescued from hundreds of food businesses, including:

• Wholesalers
• Dairies
• Groceries
• Farmers’ markets
• Restaurants
• Caterers
• Corporate, hospital and school cafeterias
• Hotels