Keeping Food Out of the Landfill: Policy Ideas for States and Localities


This toolkit provides comprehensive information on eight different policy areas that states and localities can consider as they work to reduce food waste. The toolkit can be utilized by legislators, advocates, food donors, and food recovery organizations to call for policy changes. Each section of the toolkit describes the relevant federal laws, provides state examples, and offers the Clinic’s policy recommendations. The toolkit addresses the following policy areas:

  • Liability Protection for Food Donations;
  • Tax Incentives for Food Donations;
  • Date Labeling;
  • Food Safety for Food Donations;
  • Food Waste Reduction in K-12 Schools;
  • Feeding Food Scraps to Livestock;
  • Organic Waste Bans and Waste Recycling Laws; and
  • Government Support for Food Waste Reduction

Keeping Food Out of Landfills covers a range of policy examples and success stories from all over the country, and includes a variety of educational resources for readers to further explore areas of interest.

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